Non Surgical FaceLift

Our Liquid Facelift procedure, also known as our Full Face Rejuvenation (FFR) procedure, achieves amazing full-face results, with little to no downtime.
Our Liquid Face lift procedure involves the injection of dermal fillers to re-volumize the face and restore definition. Dermal fillers serve as a great treatment for revitalizing the face, while being a non-surgical option to suit the needs of many.

Botox® injections are used to create a fresher and more youthful appearance by causing a temporary freezing of the treated facial muscles

Liquid Facelift in Cancun
Liquid Facelift in Cancun

The Cancun FaceUp Effect

Injectables do so much more than simply add volume or shape to the face, our Liquid Facelift packages not only replenish youthfulness but also restore confidence and help people feel themselves again.

The results of anti-wrinkle injections are in the range of three to four months, with some variation person to person.
When you see the fine lines and wrinkles reappearing, it is your skin signaling you that it is time for your next treatment.

Am I a candidate for a FaceLift in Cancun?

Because the needs of the face change as we mature, it’s important that these age-related changes are tackled in an expert and bespoke fashion that respects the individuals anatomy.
Combining the knowledge of facial anatomy, aesthetics skills and our artistic eyes, our aesthetic doctors are able to achieve masterful and powerful results with full-face rejuvenations. Each of our Liquid Facelift procedures are customized to our clients individual skin concerns as well as desired results. Contact Adore Medispa clinic for your complimentary consultation today.

Benefits of Getting FaceLift in Cancun

  • Non-invasive and minimal downtime

  • Reduces and Prevents Facial Wrinkles

  • Facial volume restoration

  • Customized and natural-looking results

Cancun is the best city in Mexico for your aesthetic procedures!

By choosing Adore Medical Spa in Cancun, you can benefit from expertise of our team of experienced and qualified professionals that offer more than 25+ years of combined international experience in preventive, regenerative and anti-aging medicine, hand in hand with our modern and well-equipped facility.
Adore Medical Spa is conveniently located in the heart of Puerto Cancun, in a luxury shopping mall amongst some of the nicest beaches and hotels to visit (SLSS Cancun, Dreams Vista, Hyatt Ziva and more!) Cancun shares the natural beauty of the Mayan history, making your visit an unmatched experience.
Book your aesthetic procedures with ease and enjoy the sunny weather, Caribbean Sea and perfect location with everything you need being only an arm’s length away.

Liquid Facelift in Cancun